Chan-Denise Budhoo

Orange County School Board, District 7

Chan-Denise Budhoo has the experience and ambition to be the next District 7 School Board representative. Budhoo is a vibrant veteran educator that has an extensive teaching experience that spans over several elementary and middle schools within Orange County. Her initial position started in 2006 as a critical needs teacher in a Title I school. Accepting this challenge to teach and help students that needed the support and encouragement to flourish academically, allowed for the opportunity to build strong relationships to encourage the students to excel beyond academic expectations.

Chan-Denise Budhoo holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminology and Law from the University of Florida, as well as a Masters Degree in Theological Studies from Liberty University. Her certifications consists of Elementary Education K-6, a Licensed Realtor, an active member of the Certified Teachers Association, and the Vice President of TeacHer Inc; a non-profit organization that empowers and inspires young girls to excel in all aspects of life. While encouraging young girls to build confidence and educational opportunities; Budhoo mentors and guides at-risks youth to choose the appropriate path in life and provides college preparatory placement.

She is a dedicated wife of 10 years and is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters. Dedicated to family and consistently working in the educational field, has allowed Budhoo to fulfill her passion and purpose of making a difference in the lives of students by emphasizing the importance of education to become a productive member of society. Chan-Denise Budhoo endorses the performing arts curriculum and promotes its value in the lives of students and adults. When elected as the School Board District 7 Representative; Budhoo plans to ensure school safety, promote student achievement, place an emphasis on highly qualified teachers, and encourage community involvement.


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